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Data Security Standard

Running your business, keeping your customer information safe, and complying with industry requirements is demanding. Central Payment helps by providing updates on industry changes and resources for validating compliance.


Understanding PCI: The Basics

PCI is an acronym for Payment Card Industry. The PCI Security Standards Counsel (PCI SSC) is a global organization founded by American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB International, MasterCard, and Visa Inc. Their purpose is to develop, promote and assist with the security standards for the payment card industry.

These security standards are comprised of 12 requirements and are outlined in the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Every business owner that accepts credit and debit payment cards are required to adhear to these standards. As a Central Payment merchant, you are already most of the way there; you only need to validate your PCI Compliance by completing an self assessment questionnaire (SAQ) online on the ControlScan website

The validation process is dependent on how you are classified. Large merchants — or those with more than 1 million transactions — have an in-depth process including on-site assessments. Most small businesses are considered Level 4, and your card acceptance method or point-of-sale determines PCI requirements.

Simplified Validation Process

The card brands require businesses accepting card-based payments to comply with the PCI DSS requirements and to use PCI compliant or approved software and hardware.

Understanding how difficult it can be for small businesses to meet the PCI compliance requirements, Central Payment teamed up with ControlScan to assist you with the process. Our customers are pre-registered in the program.

We also go one step further, and provide your business with access to the Card-Compromise Assistance Plan (C-CAP), which offers financial assistance in the event of a compromise. Our team of experts is also on hand to answer your questions about PCI requirements, and assist with credit card processing options that reduce your scope for PCI compliance.

Data Security Breach

In the case of a breach, businesses and service providers must take immediate action to investigate the incident, limit the exposure of cardholder data, and notify the card brands to report investigation findings. In the event of a security incident, contact Central Payment immediately, so we can take immediate action on your behalf.



PCI DSS Version 3
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